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Zero Polymer Export Management Co., leveraging the strategic support of the Iranian government and its position as one of the largest petrochemical providers in the Middle East, has successfully expanded its global footprint by exporting high-quality petrochemical polymers to over 19 countries.

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By Exporting Over 100000 Tons Per Year, We Aim to Expand Our Reach and Create a Bigger Impact in the Global Market.

Engineering Polymer Compounds

Engineering Polymer Compounds

Logistics Optimization

Logistics Optimization

Cross-border Commerce

Cross-border Commerce

  • Zero Polymer Export Management

    We know plastic. You need solutions.

    Discover the exceptional qualities that set us apart as your trusted partner for petrochemical polymer solutions.
  • Zero Polymer Export Management


    Need a standard product from our stock? Contact us; we always carry a sizable inventory of finished goods ready to be shipped immediately.
  • Zero Polymer Export Management

    Capacity & Warehouses

    With our 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility, we have the capacity to meet your needs.
  • Zero Polymer Export Management

    Modern Equipment

    Our modern equipment and industrial machines enable us to fulfill your requirements.
  • Zero Polymer Export Management

    Quality is the Key to Endurance

    Zero Polymer is a pioneering company committed to satisfying the demand for top-tier petrochemical polymer materials and products. We rigorously enforce quality control on every product to guarantee our customers the highest level of quality.
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SQ. M Warehouses, Factories and Industrial Facilities
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High-Quality Grades
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Years of Experience
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Who We Are

About Zero Polymer

Operating from Iran, a strategic nexus of the petrochemical sector, our company specializes in the exportation of high-quality petrochemical polymer materials and products.

Years of Experience
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Our Services

As an export management company, we specialize in providing high-quality petrochemical and polymer compound materials to customers around the world. 

Supply Chain Management, Inspection and Quality Assurance

We offer a diverse range of petrochemical polymer materials and products, along with comprehensive supply chain management services designed to optimize operations and reduce costs, thereby enhancing overall efficiency. We also conduct inspection and laboratory testing to ensure product quality and compliance with standards.
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Consulting on Export Regulations and Requirements

Providing expert advice on the latest export regulations and requirements to help clients navigate complex international trade laws.
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Customs Brokerage Services, Financing and Payment Processing

Assisting with customs clearance procedures to ensure smooth entry of goods into foreign markets, while providing solutions for financing exports and managing payment processes, including handling transactions in multiple currencies.
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Extensive Range of Products

We offer various high-performance materials to meet the diverse needs of our global customers.

ABS Compound
Polyamide Compound
Polymer Alloys
Polypropylene Compound
Polyethylene (PE)
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Other Polymer Products
Heat Stabilization
Imactable PA6
HDPE 3840
Additives Masterbatch
CC Masterbatch
Color Masterbatch
White Masterbatch
Black Masterbatch
Polyethylene Wax
flask of granules
Petrochemical Polymer Compounds
Engineering Polymer Compound
Zero Polymer Export Management, Co.
Petrochemical Polymer Compounds
Zero Polymer Export Management, Co.
Zero Polymer Export Management, Co.
Polymer Compounds for Any Market
Zero Polymer Export Management, Co.
Our Portfolio
Zero Polymer Export Management, Co.
Wire and Cable Insulation and Jacketing, Steel Pipe Coating

Insulation and Jacketing

Automotive Innovation and Sustainability

Automotive Components

Medical tubing, implantable devices, and other medical applications

Medical Devices

Roofing materials, windows, pipes, tubes and more

Construction and Agriculture

Plastic bottles, containers, films, and other packaging materials


Waxes and additives like filler, color, UV protection, and more

Masterbatches and Waxes


Few Reasons Why People Choosing Us!


Customized Polymer Material Supply

Catering to your specific polymer material needs based on your provided datasheets


Inspection and Quality Assurance

Maintaining rigorous quality control and certifications, to ensure consistent, high-performance products


Logistics Management

Analyzing insurance, transportation, customs clearance expenses, storage requirements, and managing logistical operations


After-Sales and Support

Offering ongoing support and after-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty

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Your Product, Our Expertise, Together We Succeed

Got a unique product in mind? Send us your datasheet and let's bring it to life together!

Got a unique product in mind? Send us your datasheet and let's bring it to life together!


Zero Polymer Export Management Co. is a premier provider of petrochemical polymer materials and products, headquartered in Mazandaran, Iran. With a rich heritage in the petrochemical and engineering polymer compound industry, our company has expanded its horizons to global markets, offering unparalleled quality and innovation in polymer exports. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our dedication to providing a seamless purchasing experience, ensuring reliable delivery of top-quality polymer compounds worldwide. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a team of skilled professionals, we aim to set new standards in the polymer compounds industry, contributing to the development and welfare of industries across the globe. At Zero Polymer Export Management Co., we are not just selling products; we are creating value and fostering sustainable development through our comprehensive range of services, from supply and consultancy to international trade and transportation.


Call, WhatsApp and Telegram:

(+98) 911 500 7813


Location: 4th Farah Abad, H3P6+9W4, Sari, Mazandaran, Iran

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