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Zero Polymer Trading Group is a leading petrochemical company with years of experience in the construction industry. Led by founder Mr. Dadashi, we have now expanded into exporting polymer raw materials and intermediates globally.

Our expert team aims to provide exceptional service and reliable delivery of top-quality polymers worldwide. We are committed to becoming one of the foremost exporters of polymers and petrochemicals by offering a seamless purchasing experience.

Zero Polymer Trading Group, based in Mazandaran, Iran, stands as a successful enterprise specializing in the production and supply of polymer materials. With years of experience, our company has assembled a team of talented Iranian professionals and invested in cutting-edge equipment. Now, we are poised and ready to export our high-quality polymer products to customers worldwide.

Our company ensures reliable supply continuity of high-quality raw materials to China, India, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and more.

About Zero Polymer Trading Group
Leading Supplier of Polymer Raw Materials

Leading Supplier of Polymer Raw Materials

As a creative, dynamic, and growing company, Zero Polymer Trading Group is committed to employing innovative technologies in the polymer industry. To achieve this goal, the company has taken steps to supply various chemical materials, petrochemicals, and polymer materials (additive masterbatches, compounds, and nano-additives) and to establish an efficient and professional consulting system.

Zero Polymer Trading Group always accompanies industrial owners and customers to produce the best quality final product by using quality products and specialized consultations. With over a decade of research and experience in advanced polymer masterbatches and blends, this company has equipped itself with the latest global knowledge, a specialized research team, advanced laboratories, and communication with various scientific, research, and industrial centers. This enables us to not only update our products but also produce products with the latest technology and provide post-sales technical and engineering services.

Zero Polymer Trading Group: Elevating Polymer Standards Globally

Zero Polymer Trading Group is a pioneering company in the polymer industry that leverages innovative technologies and adheres to global standards to expand its customer base and foster strong partnerships. With a diverse product range of over 50 types, the company’s applications span various industries, and it maintains a strong focus on research and development for both new and existing products.

Established with the goal of providing high-quality polymer raw materials in Iran, Zero Polymer Trading Group aligns with the growth of the polymer industry. Operating with a vision to be a leading global producer of high-quality products, the company aims to contribute to industrial development and social welfare. We have achieved international recognition for our commitment to quality through ISO 9001 and CE certifications. This highlights our dedication to providing high-quality products.

Driving Progress

Zero Polymer Trading Group’s activities include supplying raw materials, engineering compounds, and providing specialized services. The company’s well-equipped internal laboratories, elite engineers, and experienced employees are its strengths. It emphasizes quality, customer orientation, and compliance with national and international standards. The company actively supports labor, capital, and national production, aspiring to create a brighter future for Iran.

Zero Polymer Company Core Activities
Zero Polymer Activities

A Breakdown of Our Company's Core Activities

Achievements of Zero Polymer Group

Zero Polymer Trading Group has achieved a significant milestone by establishing direct communication with producers, enabling product improvement feedback. We are a leading company in polymer production, committed to quality, innovation, environmental preservation, and youth employment. Our focus on advanced polymer products, including biodegradable polymers, aligns with the mission for a waste-free world.

Achievements of Zero Polymer Group

Our Mission

–  Social mission in the field of knowledge-based business development and utilization of intellectual resources

–  Effective role in professional organizations, institutions, and social entities

–  Significant role in scientific and professional conferences related to the company’s activities

–  Influential role in developing standards, guidelines, etc. in the relevant field of activity

–  Contribution to the development and growth of knowledge, knowledge-based businesses, and intellectual resources

–  Impact on environmental improvement

Company Services

–  Consultancy, financing, procurement, and packaging

–  International trade through commercial terms

–  Provision of necessary documents

–  Inspection and laboratory testing

–  Timely and reliable delivery

–  Trading petrochemical basic products with commercial documents from the production source

–  Unlimited production of engineering compounds with polymer grade

Why Choose Zero Polymer

Fundamental Values


Transportation is one of the most important factors in the petrochemical industry, and it is crucial for companies that are involved in the export sector of this industry.

Zero Polymer Trading Group is recognized as a leading provider of quality transportation services, with a focus on meeting the needs of its customers.

With advanced and up-to-date equipment, Zero Polymer Trading Group provides safe and fast transportation services to its customers both domestically and internationally. With its experience and expertise in the petrochemical industry, the company can provide high-quality transportation services to its customers. It offers transportation services using innovative and advanced methods to meet the needs of its customers.

Zero Polymer Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality control refers to ensuring the preparation and production of goods and services according to established standards. For example, measuring or testing a product to determine whether it meets the desired technical specifications or not.

Quality control is a set of operational processes such as measurement or testing that is performed on a product to determine whether it meets the desired technical specifications or not. We complete high-quality laboratory and physical testing services in our laboratory to review product characteristics to comply with national and international standards, current regulations of the Ministry of Health, Medical Education, and requests from customers.

Our company, with an experienced and specialized team in customs services, performs all activities related to the export of products. Among the services provided by our company, we can mention determining customs rates, issuing export certificates, reviewing export documents, performing customs procedures, and delivering goods. Additionally, with strong international connections, our company is able to send products to different countries in the best possible way and in accordance with the customs laws and regulations of each country.

Our customs services make exporting products easy and reliable. We prioritize efficiency in every step of the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients.


The petrochemical, chemical, and polymer industry is one of the most significant and vital sectors in the world. It produces a wide range of products such as plastics, paint, resin, and petroleum products, which are utilized in various industries.

In this industry, the production of polymer and petrochemical products has received a lot of attention due to their unique properties.

Zero Polymer offers a diverse portfolio of products to serve different customer needs. Explore our products section to discover the solutions that best fit your preferences.

What Is Polymer, Petrochemical, and Chemical Products?

The diversity of polymer, petrochemical, and chemical products is explained below:


A polymer is a large molecule composed of repeating structural units called monomers. These units are chemically bonded together to form long chains, resulting in diverse materials such as plastics, rubbers, and biopolymers.


Paints are among the chemical products that are used in various industries. These products are used in the production of polymer products and other industries due to their properties.


Resins are another type of petrochemical product that is used in various industries. These products are used in the production of polymer products, paint, glue, and more due to their properties.

Petroleum Products

Petroleum products include products such as gasoline, diesel, crude oil, and more. These products are used in various industries and are also used in the production of polymer products.


Plastics are among the polymer products that are produced from materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and more. These products are used in various industries due to their unique properties.

Plastics are synthetic materials created by humans that can be produced in various shapes and sizes. Factory owners obtain plastic chemically from materials such as natural gas, limestone, oil, salt, water, and more, and using specialized machines, they transform it into various usable forms. Nowadays, plastics have become one of the vital products in different sectors such as homes, schools, offices, etc., due to their significant expansion in various industries. In this article, we aim to become familiar with the complete production of plastic from crude oil.

Process of Plastic Production

The process of plastic production involves various stages. In simple terms, it begins with the extraction of crude oil and natural gas, and after separating and adding chemicals to it, it is divided into smaller pieces. In the final stages, it is transferred to a plastic production factory where it is molded and shaped.

Plastics are generally classified into two categories: synthetic or bio-based. Synthetic plastics are derived from crude oil, natural gas, and coal, while bio-based plastics are renewable and made from materials such as starch, fats, vegetable oils, etc. Nowadays, due to the high volume of plastic products used, the economic advantage of purchasing them is of great importance. For this reason, synthetic plastics with lower costs are consumed in larger quantities.

Steps of Plastic Production from Crude Oil

To start plastic production at an oil refinery, the distillation process is used, which separates crude oil into different components based on weight and boiling point. During this process, the crude oil is first heated and then undergoes fractional distillation to separate it from chemical compounds. This distillation process causes the heavy crude oil to be converted into lighter fractions.

Each fraction is a mixture of chemical compounds with carbon and hydrogen structures that have different molecular sizes and structures. One of these components that is of great importance in plastic production from crude oil is naphtha. When naphtha and liquid gas are purified, hydrocarbons are separated from them and the molecular bonds are broken. As a result, the molecular chain becomes shorter and butadiene, ethylene, and propylene, which are plastic monomers, are produced.

Export to Other Countries

Our company, with several years of experience in the trading industry, excels in providing export services to our customers. We easily export to all countries worldwide and, in collaboration with reputable traders around the world, provide the best commercial conditions for our customers.

Among the countries we export to, we can mention China, India, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and more. With the necessary experience and expertise in the trading industry, we are familiar with the export laws and regulations of each country. This ensures our customers that their exports are done legally and in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

At Zero Polymer Trading Company, we strive to make it easy for our customers to access a wide range of chemical and polymer materials. Whatever type of raw materials or petrochemical products you require, simply let us know and our team at Zero Polymer will work diligently to provide them to you.

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